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Hi, I'm Kate

Hi, I’m Kate and I am the founder + creator of Keep Them Wild. This is a platform to connect parents back to their intuition while sharing information that allows them to make the best decisions for their family. I created this space with the desire to help families through their postpartum and early childhood challenges within a supportive environment. In the Keep Them Wild community we believe in listening to parents instincts and following your child’s cues while preserving that parent-child connection. My goal is to empower parents to make the best decisions that works for your family. 

For myself….The first year of motherhood came with many challenges; breastfeeding, sleep, returning to work too soon, not knowing how to deal with societal pressures, not knowing how to set healthy boundaries. I was constantly feeling anxious, especially around sleep. My mental health suffered and my first year of being a mother wasn’t what I thought it would be. Through my experience I realized the importance of community while understanding the need for support. The services we will be offering are quality wellness in the perinatal stage, sleep support without any formal sleep training and understanding our wild toddlers and preschoolers.

Welcome to Keep Them Wild. I look forward to working with you. 

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My mission is to help provide support for mother's  (and primary caregivers)+ their families during the early days of parenting through the early years. I understand that the importance of self-care for mother's + the day in and day out of motherhood is complex. 

I understand the guilt that comes with parenthood and I am here to help bring you back to your intuition and I'm here to work WITH you to help you with your individual goals. 
I want our time together to empower you by providing tools +suggestions, to make you feel good about decisions you make moving in your daily life. 



There is so much information thrown as new parents is extremely overwhelming. 
My vision is to help families feel connected to their values + goals. I want to support families through their early days and early years challenges whether it's through work with me or by referring them to trusted and reliable experts. 
My vision is to help families cut the noise, tap back into their intuition and feel good about the decisions they make for their family. My vision is to have parents enjoy parenting and build meaningful connections with their child. 

It takes a village to raise a vision. 

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