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Perinatal Program + Support

Self-paced program with lifetime access

This program comes in a combination of video, audio, PDFs and workbooks

This perinatal program consists of 8 classes that focus on pregnancy and the 4th trimester (3 months postpartum) that include: 

- self care 
- breastfeeding + bottle feeding
- sleep education 
- holistic nutrition 
- naturopathic medicine 
- body movement + exercises
- pelvic floor health 
- cesarean birth recovery  

I've done the homework for you and have put together a program with accurate information from trusted resources 

perinatal program 
$111 + HST

self-pace - LIFE TIME ACCESS

There is so much noise out there, we live in a digital world where we are bombarded with so much information daily. As an expecting parent and as a new parent this can be overwhelming. It's hard to figure out where you stand when it comes to making decisions for your baby and for your family. The questions start to pile up and you don't know what to do. "is he getting enough breastmilk?", "am I allowed to bedshare? Is there a safe way to do this?", "when can I have sex after having a baby?" . "when am I allowed to workout?" You know these kinds of questions, the big ones and the small ones. They just pile up and you don't know what to do because there is so much information and then you're left exactly where you are, or, you make decisions from a place of reacting rather from a place of responding. 

This program will help cut that noise, get your questions answered from trusted resources so you can make the best decision that's right for your family and only you can make that decision. This program is meant to empower you as a parent, to help you tap into your intuition and help you make confident decisions. 

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