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Perinatal Resources | Sleep without Sleep Training | Understanding big toddler + preschooler emotions  


Keep Them Wild is about serving our community. This is a space for parents + parents-to-be to be gently reminded to follow your heart. Your instincts will never steer you wrong. 
I deeply believe that there is
no one-size-fits-all approach to anything, especially parenting. There is no one way to do anything and the support we offer to families looks at them as a whole unit, understands their core values, their circumstance and their desires as a family. 
We want to help parents be
guided back to their intuition, to follow their heart as they know their child best. I know how challenging the sleepless nights, rollercoaster of emotions, the whining (my goodness, the whining 😳) are and the lack of patience can leave us looking outward for help. As new parents we often feel this pressure from family + friends and society as a whole to make sure our children behave a certain way, and are often feeling defeated and overwhelm.


I have been there too many times.

Keep Them Wild helps parents transitioning into parenthood and to help them navigate through the challenges and sticky mess it can be. Keep Them Wild is about wholeheartedly allowing our children be who they are with our guidance and understanding of them.  We are our children's compass, their north star and they rely on us to guide them through any challenges along the way.



 This approach to sleep coaching is not like others you've probably seen or heard of. What we do as baby-led sleep and well-being specialists is that we look at the dyad between parent and baby/child. We focus on maintaining that connection between them while finding solutions to more sleep. We believe in responsive parenting, meeting our children at their developmental level, guides parents back to their intuition and empowering mothers (and primary caregivers) to make improvements to their baby and child's sleep. There is no use of any kind of separation techniques, again, we want to preserve that dyad between parent and child. 

Education + Experience

I have a degree in psychology, focusing on infant + child development. Being part of the Baby-Led Sleep + Well-Being Specialist movement has changed the way I parent and the approach in which I want to support families. This approach focuses on helping families get more sleep without using separation base techniques,  preserving the relationship between caregiver and baby/child while making changes when changes need to be made. 
I have 10 years of child care experience working in different environments. I also bring in the experience of being a mother to a wonderful + sassy preschooler. 

My Belief

I believe in making decisions that are right for your family. I wholeheartedly believe in making informed decisions and that only you, as the parent, will know what that right decision is. I believe we can parent in a way that feels good to us, that aligns with our family values + goals, while being connected to your child. 

My Promise

I promise knowledge, support + empowerment.  This isn't about fixing your child's behaviours, but rather understanding them. Understanding their emotions, their soul + how you can parent them in a way that feels good to both you and them. 

"True attachment doesn't enslave you, the pursuit does. 

attachment frees you because you always take it with you even you can't be together" 


DR. deborah macnamara


"Children must never work for our love; they must rest in it"

Gordon Neufeld

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